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Infant child care in Oviedo, FL: Give your child the right sources of minerals and vitamins

Posted on 06-20-2014


Young infants and children need the right source of vitamins and minerals to grow healthy and strong. It is best to give your children vitamins and minerals from natural food sources unless otherwise directed by your child's doctor. Keeping track of what your child eats will assist a parent in providing the best and most essential nutrition. At Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academy of Oviedo we can advise you on some of the daily minerals and vitamins necessary to build a healthy immune system and the best sources for those minerals and vitamins.

Vitamins and minerals your child can consume for better growth include the following:


Vitamin A: Good for the eyes and skin and promotes growth.

●Food sources include: eggs, sweet potatoes and mango's.

Vitamin C: Is essential for strong bones, teeth and healthy gums.

●Foods sources include: strawberries, tomatoes and spinach.

Vitamin D: Good for developing strong bones and also aids in the absorption of calcium.

●Food sources include: milk, soy milk and orange juice.


Iron: Aids in the production of red blood cells.

●Food sources include: Soy and fish.

Magnesium: Creates energy and is for good heart rhythm.

●Food sources include: Bananas, milk and beans.

Calcium: Helps to build strong teeth and bones.

●Food sources include: Orange juice and dairy products.

All of these minerals and vitamins provide the base for your infant grow healthy and strong. Good nutrition will help your child learn and reach important developmental stages. At our infant and child care center, we provide nutritious meals throughout the day so we help take care of your child's health without a parent having to be concerned.

For more information on our excellent infant child care program in Oviedo, Florida, please contact us or stop by for a visit to see our secure and safe facilities.

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