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Oviedo Child Care: Ways to foster language skills in newborns and infants

Posted on 05-08-2015 | Peter Buxbaum


Your infant is born with their brain being partially developed. The next few years after birth are critical for continued healthy development of the brain, including the acquisition of language skills. Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Oviedo discusses how you can promote language skills, while supporting brain development, in a child as young as a newborn.

Making sounds

Prior to and after birth, the best way to foster the acquisition of language skills in your child is to talk. When you talk to your infant, in utero or after birth, your child will internalize the sound of your voice and the sounds of the language. When your infant begins to make sounds, it will come from hearing those that are in the surrounding environment. Children learn language by imitation. Your infant will try to copy sounds and you will hear babbling, blowing, and other such intonations as your baby begins to learn to speak.

Your child understands intonation before words

Your child is born with an innate ability to understand intonation. This means that your child will be able to understand language before he or she can speak. Encourage your infant to make as many sounds as possible to reinforce what your child is trying to do. You should also continue to talk to your infant, always in a calm or happy tone of voice, to provide the ongoing exposure to language that your child needs. Reading to your infant is another great way to promote language acquisition.

If you are seeking more insight into infant care, contact us today. We invite you to visit Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Oviedo, Florida, to meet with our expert staff and discuss our specialized infant and child care services.

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