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Oviedo Day care: Understanding your child’s cognitive development

Posted on 01-19-2015


During the last thirty years we have come to understand the fine intricacies of how each child gains a unique perspective about the world. Until recently, an all-round day care education was offered with the hope that each child would discover a unique niche in the world. Currently, we have the knowledge and ability to quickly identify and promote particular interest areas in each child, where they are more likely to excel. We will discuss how you can assist in discovering your child’s unique strengths and cognitive capabilities, and promote them in everyday life.

The start of cognitive development

In utero your child is undergoing heavy cognitive development. Your child’s brain must learn many functions that happen for adults automatically. Once an infant is born, he or she must begin learning how to thrive in the world. You will have a great opportunity to assist your child in this learning process. Your parental role will influence your child during these early child care years, and aid in this early cognitive development.

Cognitive development is a continual practice

You are ensuring that your child continues to learn, practice and master cognitive skills while at home. When attending day care or preschool, a teacher will be furthering this development. Parents should research some fun activities and games that you and your child can play together, which will serve as preparation for the challenges of preschool.

Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Oviedo, Florida provides special child care services to maximize the potential of your growing infant. We provide each unique child with the individual attention necessary to facilitate adaptable learning styles and educational activities, tailored to meet each child’s particular needs. We offer our exclusive Brain WavesTM Curriculum that maximizes each child’s learning potential and provide an exceptional educational experience. Contact us for more information, or to enroll your child.

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