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Preschool: Outdoor Toys for Your Oviedo Child

Posted on 07-24-2015 | Peter Buxbaum


It is truly amazing how a child can find the fun in anything from a garden hose, a fallen stick from a tree, or an oddly shaped roof tile. This is one of the unique abilities that each child possesses, and is precisely what you can utilize to promote healthy childcare fun. Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Oviedo, Florida shares insight on healthy and beneficial toys and activities that you and your child can enjoy after preschool.

Anything can be a toy or game

Although there are a variety of toys and games that you can buy for your child, sometimes the best games can be found right around you. Take your child into the garden, to the park, or to the beach and ask him or her to find toys or activities in their surroundings. These may not look like toys, but after a brief explanation you will quickly understand how some atypical objects can be made into fun toys. This activity also promotes learning through imaginative conceptual construction.

Supervision is essential

The only requirement is that your child is well supervised. This is for the safety aspect, as the outdoors can be dangerous at times to an unwatched child. You can help encourage healthy activities that promote good exercise, as well as learning while he or she is having fun. This is one of the fundamentals that we instruct teachers at our preschool, and it has produced very positive results in our students.

When it comes to learning, fun, and everything regarding the healthy development of a growing child, Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Oviedo, Florida, strives to offer the best. For more details about our excellent childcare services and childcare facilities, simply contact us. We will be happy to assist you with everything relating to preschool and your child.

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